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Discover how bioethanol fireplaces are revolutionizing home heating in the quest for a greener future. Wood-burning fireplaces contribute to air pollution, prompting major cities to implement regulations. In response, bioethanol fireplaces have emerged as a promising alternative. Derived from organic materials, bioethanol is a renewable fuel that produces a carbon-neutral flame, releasing water vapour and carbon dioxide. Leading the industry is EkoFuel, the UK's top supplier of premium-quality bioethanol fuel. Join us on our sustainability journey and explore how bioethanol fireplaces can help achieve a cleaner, more sustainable future. Subscribe now for more on eco-friendly living and renewable energy.

Ekofuel - The largest UK supplier of Bioethanol Fuel.

Bioethanol fuel that you can confidently use indoors and outdoors.

Are you looking for a premium high-quality 96.6% liquid bioethanol fuel that you can confidently use indoors and outdoors with your bioethanol fire and alcohol camping stoves?

Then you need EkoFuel!

Ekofuel has established itself as the leading bioethanol brand in the UK and is suitable for use with all types of bioethanol fireplaces, including those with ceramic stone or ceramic fibre cores, as well as manual and automatic bioethanol fires, camping stoves, and marine stoves burning denatured alcohol.

EkoFuel presents a truly renewable energy solution. Made from plant-based feedstocks like sugarcane, and sugar beet, it produces a captivating orange flame when burned, providing both warmth and ambiance in your home.

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Ekofuel - Premium 96.6% Bioethanol fuel, for use in bioethanol fireplaces.

Factory Quality Control

EkoFuel is a premium quality bioethanol fuel, specially designed for bioethanol fireplaces. Available since 2012, EkoFuel bioethanol fuel for fires is the most popular bio ethanol fireplace fuel sold in the UK. It is suitable for use in any indoor or outdoor ethanol fireplace, that is designed to use liquid bioethanol fuel.

EkoFuel is double rectified and produced under strict quality control procedures according to ISO 9001:2015. It is clean burning, smokeless, ash free and omits very little odour. EkoFuel bioethanol fuel, is produced from molasses which is a waste by-product of growing sugar beet. The natural sugars are fermented to create the bioethanol and then distilled to concentrate the bioethanol to 96.6%.

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