Technical Notices

Expiry Date Misprint

Notice Date: 04/10/23

Batch/ Batches Affected: 89/23 - 96/23 - 105/23 - 112/23

Dear customer.

We have been made aware of a printing error that has affected part of a number of batches of our EkoFuel Liquid Bioethanol Fuel.

The expiry date on the affected bottles has been incorrectly marked with the production date, instead of the correct expiry date.

Please be assured this is only a printing error and the Ekofuel Bioethanol inside these bottles has not expired and is of our normal, high-quality fuel which is denatured to the UKCDA recipe.

These bottles have a 2-year shelf life and the expiry date should read 09/2025.

We apologise for this technical issue and any confusion it may have caused.

How to identify an affected batch

The affected batches can be identified by locating the batch number and expiry date stamp on the bottom of the bottle label.

An affected batch with have one of the following markings.

BATCH 89/23

EXP 09/2023

BATCH 96/23

EXP 09/2023

BATCH 105/23

EXP 09/2023

BATCH 112/23

EXP 09/2023