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EkoFuel is a premium quality bioethanol fuel, specially designed for bioethanol fireplaces. Available since 2012, EkoFuel bioethanol fuel for fires is the most popular bio ethanol fireplace fuel sold in the UK. It is suitable for use in any indoor or outdoor ethanol fireplace, that is designed to use liquid bioethanol fuel.


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Premium Quality 96.6% Bioethanol Fuel

EkoFuel is double rectified to purify the fuel and contains the minimum amount of denaturants as specified by UK law. It is clean burning, smokeless, ash free and omits very little odour. EkoFuel bioethanol fuel, is produced from molasses which is a waste by-product of growing sugar beet. The natural sugars are fermented to create the bioethanol and then distilled to concentrate the bioethanol to 96.6%.

Not only does bio ethanol burn very cleanly, EkoFuel bioethanol fuel is ideal for use as an environmentally friendly fuel and has a very low carbon footprint. The CO2 released when the ethanol is burnt, was first absorbed when the crops used to make the bioethanol were grown. In contrast, non-renewable oil based fuels release CO2 that was absorbed millions of years ago.

Ekofuel is a premium quality bioethanol fuel with 96.6% bioethanol fuel. This high percentage of bioethanol is recommended by the major bioethanol fireplace manufacturers. Always check with your fireplace manufacturer that their appliance can use 96.6% bioethanol fuel, as higher percentage alcohol fuels burn hotter and faster, and not all bioethanol fireplaces are designed to use high bioethanol content fuel.

We recommend you always check the manual for your bioethanol fireplace to see what type of bioethanol fuel is required.

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