Order and Payment Support

  • Why haven’t I received an order confirmation email?

    If you've placed an order and haven't received a confirmation email, please begin by checking your Spam and Junk folders in your email. Occasionally, order confirmation emails may be incorrectly filtered into these folders by email service providers.

    Should you not locate the confirmation email there, kindly review your online banking transactions. If the payment is marked as completed, please reach out to us via email or by using our website's contact form to verify the status of your order.

    In the event that the payment is still pending, refer to the answer to the question "My order did not process, why is there a payment shown on my bank?" for further details.

  • My order did not process, why is there a payment shown on my bank?

    The checkout process may fail for various reasons, as both your bank and our payment processor conduct checks to safeguard against fraud.

    Sometimes, a transaction may advance to your bank to request fund access, only to be halted thereafter by additional checks. In such instances, a void request is sent to your bank immediately following the failed transaction. In these cases, we do not receive your order and you will not receive an order confirmation email.

    It's worth noting there may be a banking delay in processing void requests, and the requested amount could show as pending or deducted until the bank updates its records.

    In these situations, EkoFuel has not received your payment, and we do not have access to the pending funds. For further advice and guidance, you must contact your bank.

  • Why do I need to put in a separate billing address when placing an order on your site?

    To enhance the security of your transactions, our payment provider employs an Address Verification Service (AVS). This service cross-references the billing address entered on our site with the address associated with your payment method in your bank's records. This precautionary measure ensures that even if someone gains access to your card details, they cannot make unauthorized purchases without knowledge of the corresponding billing address.

    In addition to AVS, Our payment provider also implements 3 Domain Secure (3DS) technology to further safeguard against fraudulent transactions (refer to the question: "Why do I need to verify with my banking app when purchasing on your site?").

    It is important to note that due to these security measures if you wish to have your order shipped to an address different from the one registered with your bank, you'll need to input the correct billing address during checkout.

    For a more streamlined process for future orders, consider creating an account on our site. This allows you to save both your shipping and billing addresses for a faster checkout experience.

  • Why do I need to verify with my banking app when purchasing on your site?

    Our site uses 3 Domain Secure (3DS). This is a security protocol used to add an additional layer of authentication for online credit and debit card transactions. The most common implementations are "Verified by Visa" and "Mastercard SecureCode." When you make a purchase online, 3D Secure may prompt you to enter a password or use biometric authentication to verify your identity and protect against unauthorized use of your card.

  • When will I receive my order?

    The delivery service offered will be shown to you at checkout under the “Shipping Methods” heading.

    For more information please see our shipping and delivery support page.

  • What payment cards can I use on your site?

    We accept both Visa and MasterCard card types. We cannot process Amex cards directly on the site but you can choose to use PayPal with an Amex card attached.

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