Clean Burning BBQ Lighting Gel


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EkoFuel bioethanol firelighting gel is a high quality bioethanol gel made from rectified ethyl alcohol (ethanol). It has been denatured in accordance with Commission regulation (EC) 3199/93 to produce a gel which burns cleanly and has very little odour, if any. We guarantee that the fuel we sell has been rectified to remove a lot of the other alcohol normally present, producing a cleaner burning and smelling fuel. Not all bioethanols have had this extra process step.

EkoFuel firelighting gel key features: 

  • Starts fires quickly and cleanly
  • Does not affect the flavour of foods
  • Clean burning with no fumes unlike petroleum products
  • High bioethanol content, easy to light.
  • Safe non spill, non flare gel formula. 

We have worked to ensure that EkoFuel bioethanol is high purity and unlike some other bioethanol fuels, it is not contaminated with acetone, so it smells like pure alcohol.

Our barbeque lighter gel, is perfect for lighting charcoal and getting a BBQ started. It works in the same way to charcoal lighting fluid, but is somewhat safer as the gel is thicker than lighting fluid and thus if spilled, will spread much slower.


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