Bioethanol Fuel for Alcohol Burners and Marine Stoves

Alcohol Fuel for marine stoves

EkoFuel liquid bioethanol for alcohol marine stoves is a high quality bioethanol fluid based on rectified ethyl alcohol (ethanol) min 96% by volume. It has been denatured in accordance with Commission regulation (EC) 3199/93 to produce a liquid which burns cleanly and has very little odour, if any. We guarantee that the fuel we sell has been rectified to remove a lot of the other alcohol normally present, producing a cleaner burning and smelling fuel. Not all bioethanols have had this extra process step.

EkoFuel for marine stoves key features:

  • Fast lighting
  • Ash free
  • Cleaner and safer than methylated spirit, methanol free.
  • Smokeless (when used in clean burning alcohol marine stoves.)


We have worked to ensure that EkoFuel bioethanol is high purity and unlike some other bioethanol fuels, it is not contaminated with acetone. When used in ideal conditions, a clean spirit stove with good airflow, our spirt fuel will burn completely cleanly with little smell, and no soot or smoke. However, depending on the design of the alcohol burners used with the fuel, some smoke and soot may be produced due to incomplete combustion if the oxygen around the flames is limited. 

This premium quality alcohol boating stove fuel is suitable for use in alcohol burning marine stoves such as Origo alcohol stoves or any other alcohol burner. If in doubt, please check the manual supplied with your marine stove to see if denatured alcohol can be used to fuel your burner. EkoFuel bioethanol can be used in a variety of stoves from open flame burners to pressurised alcohol stoves.


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