Bio Ethanol Fuel for Fires

bioethanol for fires

Premium Quality, Clean Burning, Flueless Bio Ethanol Fuel for Fires

EkoFuel bio ethanol fuel for fireplaces is a high quality bio ethanol fuel based on rectified ethyl alcohol (ethanol) min 97%+ by volume. EkoFuel has been sold in the UK for four years and is probably the most bought bioethanol for fires in the UK. Used by thousands of satisfied customers, supported by over 1000+ ebay testimonials and sold in ASDA in 2013 and 2014, we are sure that if you give EkoFuel a try you will not be disappointed. We guarantee that the fuel we sell has been rectified to remove a lot of the other alcohols normally present, producing a cleaner burning and smelling fuel. Not all bio-ethanol for fires have had this extra process step.

Key benefits of EkoFuel:

  • Burns with no harmful substances emitted
  • Burns without smoke
  • Burns without smell
  • Burns producing no ash or soot.
  • Used by 1000's of satisfied customers
  • Sold in ASDA 2013-2014
  • Available in 1L containers
  • Next-Day Delivery



In the UK, bio fuel for fires the most common use of bio fuel. Use of bio ethanol fuel is quickly growing due it's environmentally friendly, a sustainable nature.


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