What Is Denatured Ethanol and What Is It Used For?

Ethanol is pure alcohol and while inadvisable, is drinkable and used in various amounts to make alcoholic drinks.

Denatured ethanol has a small % of denaturing agent added to make the ethanol undrinkable. Aside from the denaturing agent, denatured ethanol is exactly the same as normal ethanol. The denaturants are added to ensure that the ethanol cannot be consumed as a spirit. In this regard, denatured ethanol is very similar to methylated spirits.

Methylated spirit is ethanol mixed with methanol. It may have small amounts of other chemicals added, as well as a distinctive purple dye. Mixing ethanol and methanol gives meths a strong, unpleasant smell. Methanol is very toxic when consumed, when absorbed through the skin, or inhaled in high concentrations.

Because it can't be consumed, no duty applies in the UK meaning it can be acquired quite cheaply.

As with methylated spirits, denatured alcohol has a number of uses:

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