What Is The Difference Between Liquid and Gel Bio Ethanol Fuel?


As a bioethanol retailer, a common question we are asked is the difference between bio-ethanol gel and liquid fuel, and if these fuels can be used interchangeably in liquid and gel bio ethanol fires.

Liquid bioethanol fuel: Bio ethanol liquid is a thin, clear fluid made of 97+% pure ethanol. Liquid ethanol burns with a strong, clean blue and yellow flame and does not produce any soot or ash.

Uses: Liquid bio ethanol can be used in bioethanol fires and burners, as well as alcohol camping stoves and spirit burners such as Trangia and Origo.


Bio Ethanol Gel: Ethanol gels are much thicker than the bio-ethanol liquid fuel.Generally, gel does not burn as powerfully as the liquid and has smaller flames. Unlike liquid fuel, gels can leave some residue behind when burnt.

Uses: Bio ethanol gel is used as a fuel for gel fires and gel camping stoves. It can also be used as a BBQ fire lighting gel and is popular as a restaurant chafing fuel for warming food during service.

Can ethanol liquid and gel be used in both liquid and gel bio ethanol fires?

We wouldn't recommend using bio ethanol liquid or gel in burners meant for another type of fuel. The flames from liquid bio-ethanol are more powerful than from gel fuel and so using liquid in a gel burner can be unsafe. Depending on the design of your burner, using the wrong fuel may also cause problems with your fire. For example, gel fuel will not burn correctly if used in a burner with a ceramic core meant to hold bio ethanol liquid.

Always check in the manufacturer’s manual supplied with your burner as to whether your fire requires gel or liquid bio-ethanol fuel.

Choosing a Bio Ethanol Liquid Fuel.

The ethanol content of liquid fuel and the different denaturants added to prevent consumption can affect how cleanly some bioethanol liquid fuels burn. Bio ethanol fire manufactures recommend using a high quality fuel with a minimum of 96% ethanol.

EkoFuel bio ethanol is 97+% pure ethanol with approx 1% denaturants. This high purity fuel is clean burning and odourless. Produced from sustainable sources, this eco-friendly fuel has a low carbon footprint.

Unlike other bio ethanols, our fuel has been rectified to remove a lot of the other alcohols normally present in the ethanol. This results in a cleaner burning and smelling fuel, perfect for indoor and outdoor bioethanol fires and alcohol burners.

For more information about our bio ethanol liquid fuels, please choose from one of our products below:

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