How to Safely Store Ethanol Fuel

As ethanol is flammable, care should be taken with storing and using the fuel. As with all flammable liquids, EkoFuel bioethanol should be stored in a cool dry place out of direct sunlight.

If you wish to take advantage of the savings available on larger quantities of fuel and have several boxes of fuel, you may wish to store the bulk of the fuel in a cool garage or shed and keep a small quantity of fuel, ready to use in the house.

If the fuel is stored in a cool place, we recommend allowing the ethanol to come to room temperature before use. This is because, when the temperature of ethanol falls below 15⁰C it doesn’t vaporise well, which means it becomes difficult to light. This is the case for ALL bioethanol fuels.

An easy solution to this is to keep a bottle or two inside the house at room temperature, ready to use when you need it.

If storing ethanol in a workplace, please refer to the HSE regulations regarding the storage of flammable liquid and make sure you comply with these regulations.

If sealed, ethanol can last for years. In warm conditions, some ethanol may evaporate if left uncovered so bottles of ethanol fuel should always kept sealed when not in use.

If you'd rather not store large quantities of ethanol or just don't have the space, we can provide bioethanol fuel in 1L bottles (1L to 96L available). All our fuel is dispatched on next-day delivery,

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