Ekofuel Reintroduces 5-Liter Containers for Bioethanol Fuel

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Ekofuel Reintroduces 5-Liter Containers for Bioethanol Fuel

In November 2015, Ekofuel made the difficult decision to withdraw its 5-liter bio ethanol fuel product from sale due to delivery courier restrictions. At that time, 5-liter containers of bioethanol fuel were reclassified as dangerous goods, posing challenges for shipping and incurring additional costs. As a result, the 5-liter container became uneconomical when compared to the 1-liter bioethanol fuel container.

Shifting Landscape: The Rise of Automatic Bio ethanol Fireplaces

Since 2015, the bio ethanol fire market has undergone significant changes. One notable development has been the growing popularity of automatic bioethanol fireplaces, which are now widely adopted by hotels and restaurants worldwide. These automatic fireplaces come in various shapes and sizes, often equipped with a pump to transfer bioethanol fuel from the container to the burner's fuel tank.

Addressing the Refuelling Challenge: Larger Fuel Containers for Bioethanol Fireplaces

In certain freestanding and built-in automatic bio ethanol fireplaces, there is ample space within the housing to accommodate a larger fuel container. As bioethanol fireplaces increase in size, they consume fuel at a faster rate. In such cases, it becomes more practical to use a larger fuel container than the standard 1-liter size to reduce the frequency of refills.

Reintroducing 5-Liter Containers: Responding to Market Demand

While many companies transitioned to the 1-liter container, some continued to offer 5-liter bioethanol fuel containers. Recognizing this growing segment of the bio ethanol fuel market, Ekofuel has decided to reintroduce its 5-liter container in the autumn of 2023.

Meeting Trade Customers' Needs: Efficient Refuelling for Larger Automatic Fireplaces

By reintroducing the 5-liter container, Ekofuel aims to cater to the specific needs of trade customers operating in the bio ethanol fire market. This strategic move allows for more efficient refuelling of larger automatic fireplaces and addresses the demands of establishments that require a continuous and uninterrupted supply of bioethanol fuel.

Exclusively for Trade Customers: Availability

It's important to note that the 5-liter Ekofuel bioethanol fuel containers will be exclusively available to trade customers who can accept pallet loads. These containers are not intended for consumer purchase.

Commitment to Quality and Innovation: Ekofuel's Promise

Ekofuel remains committed to delivering innovative solutions and providing the highest quality bio ethanol fuel options to trade customers across various industries. For trade inquiries or to place trade orders, interested parties can contact Ekofuel at [email protected].

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