Commercial Alcohol Stoves

Trangia 25 Cookset With Kettle & Spirit BurnerTrangia

Trangia is the market leader and also the most well-known name in alcohol stove, most alcohol stoves, branded or not are simply referred to as Trangias. The Trangia burner is an open jet style alcohol stove. They have high quality construction and the lightweight cook set packs away inside the largest pot.

Esbit 985ml-Dual Fuel Stove Hard AnodisedEsbit

Esbit is another popular alcohol stove, though they are mostly known for their pocket stoves which burn hexamine blocks. The Esbit alcohol burner itself is almost identical to the Trangia burner, with only small variations. Where the two differ are with their cook sets. The Esbit cook set is made from anodised aluminium. Like the Trangia, the cook set fits inside the largest pot.

Dometic ORIGO 9103303882 3000 Alcohol Stove 2-Burner Freestanding ModelOrigo

While not as popular among campers and backpackers (due to their size and weight), Origo (owned by Dometic) are the largest name in marine alcohol stoves and ovens. If you see a stove on a boat and it isn't fuelled by gas or petrol, it's likely to be an Origo alcohol stove. They come with a dual burner and are the closest you'll come to a standard gas camping stove with alcohol. While they can run on most alcohols, best results will come from specific marine stove alcohol.

Evernew Titanium DX Stove SetEvernew

Evernew stoves are Japanese made, titanium alcohol stoves. They have a patented Bi-Level Jet system allows the stove to give 2 separate levels of flames. It also allows the burner to be used without a pot stand.

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