Bio Ethanol: Which container size should I buy?

With winter approaching and the temperature dropping, our thoughts turn to heating. It’s this time of year when we get calls asking questions about bioethanol fires and bioethanol fuel for fires, including “Which size container should I buy?” Here at Ekofuel we offer 2 sizes of container. A 1L container (for the bioethanol for fires, marine stoves and camping burners) and a 0.5L container for the camping fuel.

A 1L container contains 1L of bioethanol or approx 800g of liquid. Each bottle has a nozzle in neck of the bottle which allows the easy dispensing and control of the liquid flow and is ideal for refilling bioethanol burners. The cheapest 1L bottle bioethanol fuel option is our 192L for £349.50 including delivery or £1.82 per litre delivered. For further 1L bio ethanol fuel prices see 1L Bottles of Bio Ethanol Fuel


EkoFuel bioethanol for camping stoves is also available in a smaller 0.5 litre bottle. These bottles are ideal for customers who prefer smaller bottles of fuel to take away camping and hiking. As with the 1lt bottles, the 500ml bottles also have a small nozzle in the bottle neck to give users control when dispensing the products and filling alcohol stove. A few words of caution, Bio ethanol liquid fuel is a flammable liquid and as such should be treated with respect. Always ensure that you allow your bioethanol fire to cool before refilling. Never refill a hot bio-ethanol burner and always clean up any spilled bioethanol liquid before relighting. Follow the instructions laid out in the manufacturers manual and you too can enjoy the magic of a bioethanol fire this winter.


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