Best Value Alcohol Fuel for Camping

EkoFuel bio ethanol fuel for alcohol camping stoves is a premium quality denatured alcohol. it can be used in alcohol and spirit burning camping stoves such as the Esbit and Trangia stoves.

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Denatured alcohol has many advantages when used as a camping fuel. The simple, lightweight and reliable design of many alcohol-based camping stoves make them popular with hikers and campers. The fuel doesn't pose the risks that explosive pressurised gas canisters do and it is easy to decant and to transport. Made from bio-renewable alcohol, EkoFuel is eco-friendly and sustainably produced. Used with a good burner, our bio ethanol is clean burning and odourless as seen in our article on using burning EkoFuel denatured alcohol on a Trangia. Although bio ethanol has a lower calorific value than propane and butane (used in camping gas canisters), as shown in another article, Low cost bio ethanol fuel. But we wanted to see how our bio ethanol fuel compares with other alcohol stove fuels. The prices of popular camping alcohol fuel (all with next-day delivery) can be seen below:


Prices correct as of 28/02/2014. This is just a selection of camping fuels available online. As shown, EkoFuel bio ethanol is competitively priced. Unlike most retailers, the more you buy, the lower the price. For example a 6L box of "bio ethanol camping fuelis only £21.00 for 6L (6 x 1L bottles) £3.50 per Litre (including next-day delivery). Both the 500ml and 1 litre bottles of ethanol have a small nozzle in the bottle neck to give users control when dispensing fuel and filling alcohol cooking stoves. These bottles are ideal for customers wishing to take small quantities of fuel away camping and hiking.nozzle   Whether you wish to purchase 1L of EkoFuel bio ethanol to try it in your spirit camping stove or want to stock up for cooking on your next camping trip, with our money back and price match guarantees, EkoFuel camping stove fuel is great value for money.

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