Alcohol Stove Fuel: Different Types

The best fuel for an alcohol stove, is bio ethanol. Bio ethanol is ethanol made from the bi-products of growing crops. It's is very environmentally friendly and clean burning. We recommend, bio ethanol fuel from EkoFuel is a denatured alcohol which is 97% pure ethanol, 2% other alcohols with 1% of denaturing agent.

methylated-spiritMethylated spirits are another denatured alcohol, which is ethanol denatured with up to 80% methanol. Methylated spirits are widely available and can be found in most stores. Methanol is poisonous when ingested and not good for the environment.

Isopropyl AlcoholIsopropyl alcohol
, also known as rubbing alcohol is found in drug stores and comprised of 70% alcohol. Rubbing alcohol produces a lot of heat, but doesn't burn cleanly (yellow flames) and can soot. As it's mixed with water, it can also be inefficient.

Festival StoveAlcohol Gel is quite common in outdoors and camping shops. It is slightly safer than liquid fuel as it's more difficult to spill. The majority of gel alcohol stoves don't get hot enough to properly cook food or boil water, due to their small openings.

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